The Chocolate Brown Life Out There Apparel “ONWARD & UPWARD” Tour Unisex tee is a country concert design with a cowboy hat & horseshoe on the front and back, with all the design names from the past 2 years (instead of city & tours dates) This photo is of a man wearing a cowboy hat standing in front of a tack / feed room on a ranch.

Onward & Upward Tour

This is the 2 year anniversary design for "Life Out There Apparel" y'all. I cannot believe it's already been 2 years. There are not enough thank you's in the world to show my appreciation to every single one of you that have supported me, & this brand, for the past couple years. I'm still having as much fun now (probably even more) than when I first started. This brand is therapy / it's medicine for me! As y'all know, I'm a huge country music fan. So I wanted to create the essence of a "country concert tee" & instead of all the cities and tour dates on the back of the tee, it's every design that I have launched since day 1. Throw on some country music, cowboy boots & rock this one proud. 

I give you the, "Onward & Upward Tour"

Life Out There Apparel “Kill Cancer” Black Unisex tee shirt has picture of a man shooting a sign that says cancer on it & the bullet rounds coming out of the gun have  “chemo” written on them. This is a man and women showing the back of the tee shirt while shooting at a gun range

Kill Cancer

The word that none of us ever want to hear "cancer" - 2 days before Christmas this past year (2023) my son had to have emergency surgery and was diagnosed with cancer. My wife & I were just absolutely devastated hearing this. This wasn't the plan, it should have been me and not my baby boy. As a parent I have always wished to endure every ounce of pain that my kids might have to go through, but this was just not fair. After 4 long months of chemotherapy, I am so excited to announce that as of April 17th, 2024 (ironically the 2 year anniversary for "Life Out There Apparel") we got word that my son was "cancer free".

I give you, "Kill Cancer"


Summer Vibes

This design brings back some awesome memories from back in my teen years. I grew up about 7-8 miles from the beach so surfing, bodyboarding & skateboarding were a daily ritual for me. On our surfboards, the only surfboard wax that we would use was "Mr. Zogs Sex Wax" - coconut scent of course. So I added my twist to the original logo for that bar of wax. Let's start the summer off right with this new design.

- I give you -

"Summer Vibes"